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Before and After LASIK with an Air Force Pilot

  Clear vision is important to all of us, for all sorts of different reasons. But for Isaac D., an Air Force pilot, the ability to see clearly is absolutely essential. As he told us before his LASIK procedure, “My eyes are kind of my livelihood right now.” LASIK has been approved for United States Airforce Pilots (and even NASA…

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Thinking About LASIK? Let’s Talk About Your Health

You’ve made the decision to consider LASIK eye surgery. You’ve done your homework and scheduled your consultation. During this comprehensive consultation, we will ask you questions about your personal health history and carefully evaluate your eyes and vision to make sure they are suitable for vision correction with LASIK. We can’t stress enough the importance of providing a complete health…

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How Much Should LASIK Cost…and Why?

If you’re in the market for , in Charleston or anywhere else in the country, you’ve probably noticed lots of ads for low-cost LASIK and wondered why you should pay more than $999 per eye. Well, to start with, those low prices you see on billboards and hear in radio ads usually exclude around 99% of prospective patients because the…

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What You Need To Know About PROWL

This post originally appeared on the ARSC Insight Blog. Two new PROWL studies published online in the JAMA Ophthalmology shed new and important light on patient experiences after LASIK surgery. What is PROWL? The goal of the FDA’s PROWL (Patient Reported Outcomes with LASIK) studies was to validate a new questionnaire that gives patients an accurate and complete way to…

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What Are Your Eyes Worth?

The true price of LASIK can get confusing with so many mixed messages. Dr. Solomon and his team want to clear things up to help patients interested inLASIK know what to look for!… Read more

How to Find A GOOD LASIK Surgeon: The Consultation

If you have followed steps 1 through 4 of our blog posts to narrow your selection, your list no doubt includes the “cream of the crop” in LASIK surgery.  We’re pretty confident that Dr. Solomon is somewhere on that list…in fact, he may even be at the top!  If you haven’t made your decision yet, it’s time to move on…

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How to Find a GOOD LASIK Surgeon: Ask About Experience

After narrowing your search by gathering recommendations from family, friends, and eye care professionals, you are ready for the next step. Step 3:  Ask about EXPERIENCE.  As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  Well, not “perfect” perhaps, but a LASIK surgeon who has had more opportunity to perfect his or her technique is likely to be more skilled than…

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How to Find a GOOD LASIK Surgeon: Step 2

As we mentioned before, you should have the best LASIK surgeon you can find.  The trick is in recognizing that doctor when you find him (or her).   Step 2:  Talk to eye care professionals to get their take on the LASIK surgeons in your area.  While you are at it, ask for the name of their “go to” LASIK…

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How to Find a GOOD LASIK Surgeon in 5 Easy (But Important!) Steps

It’s not too difficult to find a “good” LASIK surgeon, but these are YOUR eyes…so you should literally set your sights higher, because you should have the best LASIK surgeon you can find. So, how do you go about doing that?  Beat the bushes?  Look under rocks? No, it’s nothing like looking for a needle in a haystack.  LASIK surgeons…

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Is LASIK a Good Way to Correct Your Vision?

“LASIK sounds great, but is it right for me?” We hear this question all the time, and our answer is always the same. There is only one way to know for certain what LASIK can or cannot do for you, and that’s by scheduling a consultation.  You have nothing to lose by doing so, because Dr. Solomon offers a complimentary…

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