Advanced Cataract Surgery Technology

When it comes to surgery for your eyes, you want up-to-the-minute technology and training. Fortunately for cataract surgery patients from Myrtle Beach, Johns Island, Goose Creek, and beyond, Dr. Kerry Solomon is recognized as one of the best cataract surgeons, not just in Charleston, but in the state of South Carolina and in the country. His leadership in the field allows him early access to the latest innovations in cataract surgery, which means his patients are often the first in the country to benefit from the newest technology.

Dr. Solomon and his staff would be happy to meet with you to discuss cataract surgery at their Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, North Charleston and Summerville, SC, locations. Request an appointment or call our office at 843-620-2020 to schedule your appointment.

Better Options for Custom Outcomes

Cataract surgery technology and techniques have advanced vastly in recent years, resulting in improved safety, comfort, and outcomes. Dr. Solomon’s patients typically do not require stitches, patches, or needles – not even an IV! And thanks to the remarkable lens options and refractive surgery technology available today, Dr. Solomon’s patients can enjoy a full range of vision with minimal dependence on glasses.

The services that Dr. Solomon may recommend and incorporate into your cataract surgery and vision correction include:

  • Corneal wavefront aberrometry measurements, which can detect very minor imperfections in the eye that cause vision defects
  • Repeated corneal topography, including the use of 3D computer imaging, to determine the shape of the cornea for correcting astigmatism
  • Corneal thickness (pachymetry) measurements using optical and/or ultrasound technology
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) that precisely measures the shape and curvature of ocular structures, particularly the retina
  • Repeated IOL calculations to ensure that the right intraocular lens is implanted
  • Intraoperative wavefront aberrometry (ORA) that confirms intraocular lens power during cataract surgery, allowing for better vision outcomes
  • Astigmatism (toric) calculations
  • Astigmatism correction with surgery (cornea, lens or both)
  • Intraoperative alignment procedures during surgery that allow for enhanced astigmatism and/or presbyopic correction
  • LASIK or advanced surface ablation (ASA) enhancements if needed

"Dr. Solomon did surgery on my mother, father, aunt and myself. None of us had any problems, had excellent vision, and it was painless..."

- Cataract Patient of Dr. Solomon

Patient Testimonials

Our Technology

As the 2016 president of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery and one of the “Top 50 Opinion Leaders in the Fields of Cataract and Refractive Surgery” in the world, Dr. Solomon is esteemed by his colleagues and the ophthalmic device manufacturers. He is often invited to be the first to use new products or procedures, such as laser assisted cataract surgery using femtosecond technology.

Vivity Lens

Following FDA approval, Dr. Kerry Solomon (of Carolina Eyecare Physicians in Charleston, SC) was the first to utilize the brand-new Vivity lens during cataract surgery.


The FDA-approved LenSx laser system is the newest major advancement in cataract surgery. It’s based on the same femtosecond technology used during bladeless LASIK procedures. The LenSx laser replaces the need for hand-held blades during cataract surgery, further improving accuracy, healing time and ultimately your results. It gives the surgeon image-guided control and the ability to plan and customize every procedure to the unique characteristics of the patient’s eye. The advanced laser not only creates extremely precise cataract incisions and breaks up the cloudy lens for easier removal; it also has the ability to correct astigmatism with more accuracy and predictability than before.

ORA Technology

 Until recently, surgeons would have to wait until after cataract surgery and healing was completed to assess the accuracy of the vision correction. Thanks to ORA technology, that is no longer the case. Using this sophisticated technology, Dr. Solomon can easily measure the vision correction accuracy during surgery when it is needed most. Having that information during the procedure makes it possible to fine-tune surgical adjustments and achieve results that exceed those previously available.

We’re proud to have been the first in the country to offer these amazing technologies.

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