Visian ICL® (Implantable Lens)

photo_visianIf you suffer from severe nearsightedness or have another condition that precludes you from undergoing LASIK, Dr. Kerry Solomon may be able to help you with Visian implantable contact lenses (ICL) here in Charleston, SC. If you are a candidate, these remarkable lenses can free you from the hassle of glasses and contacts and let you comfortably enjoy crisp, clear vision – often 20/20 or better.

If you’re significantly nearsighted, a life without glasses is still within reach – and we’re excited to discuss your options with you in person. Request an appointment using our simple online form, or call our office at (843) 881-3937 to speak with a helpful member of our staff and set your appointment.


Why Visian ICL?

Although LASIK is an effective, popular option for vision correction, it’s not recommended for patients who are extremely nearsighted. For these patients, Dr. Solomon often recommends the Visian ICL. During a quick, painless procedure, Dr. Solomon inserts Visian within your cornea to work with your eye’s natural lens, correcting your nearsightedness and potentially eliminating you need for glasses.

Are You a Good Candidate?

You are likely a good candidate for Visian if the significance of your nearsightedness prohibits you from successfully undergoing LASIK. Other factors for candidacy include:

  • Moderate to severe nearsightedness
  • Thin corneas that may make LASIK ineffective
  • A history of dry eye
  • Large pupils

“…This is completely life changing, I am so excited to visit water parks and do outdoor activities without contacts!”

– ICL Patient of Dr. Solomon

Patient Testimonials

What Happens During the Procedure?

1 to 2 weeks prior to your procedure, you visit Dr. Solomon’s office for a pre-op appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Solomon uses a laser to make several small incisions around your iris. During your procedure, which uses both local anesthesia and sedation, Dr. Solomon injects a gentle gel-like substance to protect your eye during the procedure. Once the gel is in place, he makes an additional incision through which he inserts the lens. The lens unfolds on its own once it’s in place. Dr. Solomon moves the corners of the lens beneath your iris to ensure it remains invisible. Finally, he removes the gel substance and administers antiseptic eye drops. Watch the animation below to learn more about what happens during a Visian ICL procedure.

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