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Dr. Kerry Solomon and his team are dedicated to providing the best vision results and the best surgical experience available anywhere through advanced procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery in Charleston, SC. The patients below provide first-hand evidence that validates Dr. Solomon’s outstanding reputation for quality and service.

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LASIK Patients

Erin K.

Television Personality and LASIK patient

“I’ve worked in television for 20 years… and for 20 years I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn, forcing contacts into my eyes. In just minutes, Dr. Solomon, not only restored my vision, but he simplified my routine and made my work life easier! No more on camera interviews with red, itchy eyes, irritated from contacts. No more blurry teleprompter from dry contacts. No more dreaded days in glasses.

More importantly, as a busy mom, now I can just get up and go. Beach, pool, sporting events, I can do it all without worrying about my glasses. I can’t thank Dr. Solomon, Dr. Hood and the entire team for changing my life. They’re all warm, friendly and wonderful. I tell everyone I know to go see Dr. Solomon!”

Courtney S.

iHeart Media Charleston Radio Personality and LASIK patient

“When Dr. Kerry Solomon said I was a candidate for LASIK, I couldn’t stop smiling. My vision was so bad before LASIK. I was constantly wearing glasses, and going through contact lenses left and right. I got to the point where I had enough, and said no more. LASIK with Dr. Kerry Solomon has changed my life. I remember immediately after surgery, Dr. Solomon asked me to tell him the time. There was a clock on the wall across the room, and I could actually see and read the time. Before LASIK, I wouldn’t have been able to see the clock at all, it would have been more like a blur with no details whatsoever. The results are real! I don’t squint anymore. Everything I look at is crystal clear, sharp and defined. It’s an amazing feeling to see the way I was meant to see. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to have LASIK. All those wasted years of glasses, contacts, etc. Don’t let that be you; get LASIK with Dr. Kerry Solomon. In my opinion, he’s the best and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I mean, you want the best, right? It’s your eyes, don’t let them down.”

Catherine S.

Tri-Athlete and LASIK patient

“For eight years glasses and contacts were a part of my daily routine. Last year I started triathlon training and realized that contacts and racing did not complement one another. My eyes would dry out while cycling and I always had trouble with my contacts during and after swimming. That’s when I got serious about LASIK. The procedure was seamless and I was able to resume training after a short 72 hours. LASIK has drastically improved all aspects of my life, not just swimming, biking and running. If I had known how much it would change my life, I would have had LASIK years ago!”

Brian C.

Anesthesiologist and LASIK patient

“Growing up, my favorite activities were boating and waterskiing. One of the best aspects of life in Charleston is the access to the ocean and creeks, and now that I have my own family I want to share my love of the water and the (very sunny) Lowcountry with them.

I have needed to wear glasses since my 20’s but always found them cumbersome and incompatible with my hobbies. Thankfully I decided to meet with Dr Solomon to explore the option of LASIK to eliminate glasses all together. After a through evaluation and discussion of the pros and cons with Dr Solomon, I decided to proceed with LASIK surgery. I could not be happier! I now can see great WITHOUT glasses! I can swim, paddle board, boat, explore, etc with my family and not worry about keeping track of very expensive prescription sunglasses.

I am so thankful to Dr Solomon and his amazing team!”

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Serge A. serge-a

Wrestler and LASIK patient

“Now with clear vision, I never miss my target. I feel confident that I operate with more accuracy and precision than I ever have before. Dr. Solomon and his staff were not only knowledgeable, but also friendly, kind, and professional. They made me feel comfortable and at ease from start to finish.”

John B. john-b

Sailor and LASIK patient

“I am a professional sailor and race boats offshore. Life in contacts was truly miserable during those races. I spoke to a few friends that have had the surgery and they all said that it is life changing, but I never believed them. I can now say that it is. Life on the water is so incredible when you don’t have to worry about losing a lens. I was willing to travel anywhere in the country to find the best doctor. I spoke to several doctors from all over the world and everyone said that Dr. Solomon was one of the best, and he happened to live right here in Charleston!”

Jaqueline G. jaqueline-g

Teacher and LASIK patient

“Dr. Solomon and his staff were fabulous during my procedure. I felt calm and relaxed. It was over before I knew it! As a teacher, I am now more versatile, and I can see all that is going on in my classroom.”

Heather W. heather-w

Lawyer and LASIK patient

“In the past, I had to first search for my glasses, then get out of bed to begin my day. I now wake up and hop out of bed without even thinking about my eyes. They were professional and compassionate and made sure I had no problems or concerns.”

Dusty H. dusty-h

Soccer Player and LASIK patient

“I think Dr. Solomon is at the top of his game. If you read the bio on his website, you can see he’s one of the top guys in the country in his field. If you’re going to trust your eyes to someone, you want to look for that kind of resume.”

Ryan S.

Professional Football Player and LASIK patient

“Having LASIK has definitely improved my life, and really my profession because it’s allowed me to go out and play and not worry about having to deal with contacts or having to worry about my eyes drying out or a contact falling out during games but now its really nice to know that I’m confident in going out there and my vision is going to be perfect every time and I’m not going to have any worries there. As professional football player I could’ve gone anywhere to have my LASIK surgery performed. But the reason I chose Dr. Solomon for LASIK is simple, obviously my eyes are very important to how I make a living and I’m not going to trust them with anybody I want to go to the best person to do that and when you look at Dr. Solomon’s reputation and how long he’s been performing LASIK it was a no brainer for me.I would absolutely recommend Dr. Solomon for LASIK; he’s obviously one of the best LASIK surgeons in the world he’s very well respected has a great reputation. He makes you feel comfortable from beginning to end and he’s someone that you can just trust and sit back and not have to worry about it.”

Greg W. greg-w

LASIK patient

“While kayaking, backpacking, hiking, scuba diving, sailing, road or mountain biking, there was always a nagging worry about the risk of losing or tearing a contact or having to pack an extra pair of glasses. Since my procedure, I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon, skied and snowshoed in Taos, New Mexico, gone scuba diving in Hawaii, and have backpacked the Appalachian Trail…all without having to deal with the headaches and logistics of contacts or glasses. I would recommend this procedure and Dr. Solomon and his team to anyone considering LASIK.”

Shani F. shani-f

LASIK patient

“Before LASIK, people would wave at me and I didn’t even recognize them, and I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of Charleston. Now I can enjoy the view. I came to Dr. Solomon because he is the best there is. I recommend him to anyone considering LASIK.Dr. Solomon was honest about the possible outcomes. He had my best interest during the process and procedure. The staff was amazing. They were very reassuring. I felt as if they were holding my hand throughout the entire process.”

Ashlie E. ashlie-e

LASIK patient

“My life is easier. I never have to worry about forgetting my glasses, or getting a smudge and having to clean them. I can now wear my sunglasses which is so nice. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes!”

testimonial-753“I am able to see the simplest of details. Living in Charleston and going to the beach, it is amazing for me to actually see every wave of the ocean.”

testimonial-550“My vision is better than 20/20 after the procedure. It is amazing! After wearing contacts and glasses for nearly 31 years, I still surprise myself with how well I can see.”

testimonail-523“The results far exceeded my expectations. It’s amazing for me to be able to pick up even the smallest details on the surface of a tooth without straining my eyes. Dr. Solomon is hands down one of the finest eye surgeons there is. His credentials are both impressive and comforting from a patient’s point of view.”

PRK Patient

Lee G.

PRK patient

“We work out a lot and swim and run and bike, and it’s just a pain having to deal with glasses… Everyone was super sweet, it’s a great facility. I was about to reach over and put my glasses on and then I realized I don’t need those anymore. They said I had 20/20 vision already, and it’s just been one day. Don’t be afraid of the PRK procedure.”

Cataract Patients

robert-rRobert R.

Cataract patient

“My vision has improved dramatically. I was having difficulty reading for work, it was hindering my productivity. I am now able to work, read and practice law, what I do best! I so appreciated getting an appointment with Dr. Solomon right away. I was also able to have surgery quickly so that I could get back to work. The staff was wonderful, polite and nice, I had no problems. Especially Kim, she kept me informed and on the right track. Dr. Solomon certainly stood up to his wonderful reputation. Go to the best, these are your eyes!”

carole-pCarole P.

Cataract patient

“This surgery was so life changing. As my cataracts and vision worsened, I felt as if my world was shrinking, I only left the house when absolutely necessary. I feel as though I am my old self, I can join the world again! This was amazing, quite an experience. All of the staff was very positive and kind, especially Kim and Parker. Everyone made me feel at ease. I thank Dr. Solomon so much for this life changing experience. I whole heartedly recommend this procedure to anyone with cataracts, start living again!”

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michael-hMichael H.

Hunting guide and cataract patient

“Dr. Solomon did surgery on my mother, father, aunt and myself. None of us had any problem, had excellent vision, and it was painless. I can see better than I have all my life.”

barbara-sBarbara S.

Needle artist & cataract patient

“I had just finally stopped doing needlework because it was becoming too difficult. I approached this procedure with great expectations and I have not been disappointed. My vision is now wonderful! I just picked up my needlework, and life is much brighter all the way around. Dr. Solomon and his staff treated me extremely well. Dr Solomon is a professional through and through, a first-class surgeon.”

gary-pGary P.

Outdoorsman & cataract patient

“It was terrible not being able to see! It just made me feel old! I can thread a hook on the line now without my reading glasses. My distance vision is the best it has been in years. And my depth perception is back! I can watch TV without glasses, and I haven’t been able to do that for years. WOW! I wish I had done this sooner! Dr. Solomon is very good. I would recommend him to anyone needing cataract correction.”

tiscia-mTiscia M.

Cataract patient

“It was very hard for me to see. In the dark or in the rain, I was able to drive to and from work by the grace of God. My vision now is great, and I can now drive safely in the dark and rain. Dr. Solomon is a jewel, a blessing. He’s good at what he does. I call it like I see it!”

chuck-cChuck C.

Avid Outdoorsman & cataract patient

“I am an avid outdoorsman, boat captain, and certified law enforcement officer. Everything I do revolves around the ability to see well. I did research on Dr. Solomon and the work he performs. He is a pioneer developing the latest techniques to improve one’s vision. He lectures and is actively engaged in studies in the USA and abroad. Dr. Solomon is an outstanding professional who is at the top of his game. Here in South Florida, we have many qualified professionals who I could have chosen to perform my cataract surgery. Instead, I traveled to Charleston because Dr. Solomon is absolutely the best eye surgeon bar none. Everyone from Dr. Solomon to the receptionist was extremely courteous and professional. Dr. Solomon has succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which everyone is treated like family. Dr. Solomon and his staff have given me back my life.”

Jane P.

Retired, Interior Design and cataract patient

“I love my new vision since I had cataract surgery with Astigmatic correcting implants! Due to my astigmatism, I could not wear contacts to correct my vision, so I wore glasses for many years I have been active with an exercise program for several years. Wearing glasses was not ideal and even a hindrance. Since surgery, I have so enjoyed exercising without the annoyance of glasses! My vision is clearer and I don’t worry about my glasses getting in my way. Hallelujah!! Dr. Solomon and his staff were wonderful in advising me on which correction I needed for cataracts and my astigmatism. I didn’t realize I could correct both with one surgery! They held my hand before, during, & after my procedure. I happily recommend Dr. Solomon and his staff!”

Thomas R.

Assistant Fire Chief and cataract patient

“I love working in my wood shop, but it was beginning to be a problem with my eyes. But now, it is wonderful. I can see the numbers on the tape measure, make precise cuts and operate all my tools with no problem. Pretty amazing.

This is thanks to Dr. Solomon for the great job in removing my cataracts and putting in the monofocal lens.

From the very first visit to the last I was treated like I was his only patient. I was completely informed of everything from the cost and what to expect at the time of the procedure.

Thanks to Dr. Solomon and his staff for the gift of sight. I would certainly recommend anyone who is having a problem to call Dr. Solomon for one of the best experience to seeing.

Thanks again and also for the gifts.

Best regards,
Thomas R.”

Mary W.

Cataract patient

“Dr Solomon is a miracle worker! My cataract surgery was just yesterday and my colors are back and everything is so bright. It is shocking the difference in detail that I notice. The staff at the office and the surgery center could not have been nicer and more caring. They are also very professional and efficient, and kind and compassionate. There are not enough words to say about Dr Solomon, he is obviously the best at what he does. If you are considering having cataract surgery, you should not hesitate, this has been a great experience.”

James F.

Cataract patient

“Everyone here is too friendly, I don’t want to leave! Lisa, Robyn and Angi were wonderful. I was almost totally blind before surgery. The definition and colors are drastically improved. The vision I have is spectacular, almost euphoric! My daily activities will be so much easier. I have been very impressed with the staff and their knowledge, everyone is very well qualified. Dr Z and Dr Solomon were great, very comforting.”

Shirley H.

Cataract patient

“Dr. Solomon performed corrective eye surgery, toric lens, on both eyes. After a diagnosis of cataracts by my optometrist, astigmatism in both eyes for many years, and terrible vision for as long as I can remember, I decided to have my vision corrected as soon as possible. I had glasses at the age of 10 and contact lenses (hard/gas permeable) at the age of 20 and my age now is 66. I am amazed that my vision is perfect now, and I knew my results as soon as the eyes were no longer dilated. It seems like I have been a slave to contact lenses and all the difficulties connected to wearing them for all of my adult life as I struggled to see.

Every individual in the practice at the Mt Pleasant office, Summerville office, and the Physicians Eye Surgery Center has been professional and friendly. They were patient with me while I tried to understand the complex procedures connected with the surgery and they answered all of my questions.

I am eternally grateful for my vision and cannot find the words to express my gratitude. You have given me something that I never thought I could have and my life will be enriched by your gift. Thank you!”

Randy B.

Cataract patient

“The level of efficiency, professionalism, and customer service given by Dr Solomon and his staff is the best I have ever seen. I have owed small to very large businesses and understand the difficulty in achieving what you all have here. Not only did Dr Solomon exceed my expectations from a medical and surgical standpoint, the experience from start to finish has been outstanding. The efficiency from this organization is unparalleled. I would hire Dr Solomon and his staff to come teach my employees time management and customer service.”

RLE Patients

Matt P.

Retired Regional Vice President of Homebuilding Operations and founder of Sheryl Sirisky Prisby Scholarship for gynecological cancers at MUSC and RLE Patient

“Originally I went to see Dr. Solomon hoping that Lasik surgery would make it possible to play golf without my glasses. I wore bifocals and when I took my address position the ball was right on the line in my bifocal lens which created distortion. I mishit many shots. After being examined I was told I was not a candidate for Lasik, but a procedure called Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) could fix my problem. After hearing a thorough explanation from Dr. Solomon on the RLE procedure, I elected to have it done. The results were amazing and immediate!!! I can now play golf without any glasses and I am shooting lower scores, thanks to Dr. Solomon and his team.”

ICL Patients

rebecca-cRebecca C.

ICL patient

“I have worn glasses since first grade. It is the day after surgery and I am 20/20, it is amazing. I enjoyed everything throughout this process, every single person I encountered was kind and nice. They made me feel really comfortable at every step and it really brought my anxiety down. Dr Hood explained everything to me at my first consultation and he was spot on. This was a very good experience, it was a well oiled machine and that took the fear out of it for me. This is completely life changing, I am so excited to visit water parks and do outdoor activities without contacts!”

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